ISO Tank

  •           Liquid Tanks
T4 & T11 Liquid Goods ISO Tank
T14 & T20 High Dangerous Liquid Goods ISO Tank  
¨e.g. Anhydrous hydrogen fluoride, sulphuric acid, etc
  •           Gas Tanks
T50 Liquefied Gases ISO Tank Container
T75 Cryogenic Liquid ISO Tank Container

Services :

  •          ISO tank container door-to-door transportation across the United States. Our drivers have been specially trained to transport ISO tankers. ISO Tank containers are becoming more widely used, as shippers convert to intermodal to transport freight through a combination of truck, rail and ocean transport.  Amerasa will continue to expand its fleet, as the certain industries continue to convert from using drums, totes and other containers to the use of ISO tanks.
  •          We can deliver ISO tankers to a customer's storage facility.  In cases where the customer doesn't have enough storage, the ISO tankers may be left at the customer's facility to serve as a temporary storage location.  In some instances, the tank container becomes a feed tank, supplying product on site at a customer location for the duration of use of the material.
  •          We work clcosly with Tank manufactures to offer unique one stop services to move their tanks dircetly off from the production line and move to user's site. This will considerablly save time and cost for our clients.
  •          We aslo provide Tank inspection, clean, repair, leasing servises.  

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